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Designer’s Pick: High Voltage

January 12, 2011

In October, I shared with you my favorite part of the fall 2010 issue. It was Emily Robinson’s “Chef Talk” here. At the time, Emily was a Flavors editorial intern, and I thought she did an amazing job gathering all the info for the article. (Emily wrote “Chef Talk” for the winter 2010 issue also–be sure to check it out.) I also had a great time designing the pages to look like a 1970s photo album.

And, my absolute favorite part of the winter 2010 issue, would be an article by Ramona Kimmel, a recent graduate of the culinary school of AIA. “High Voltage: A Taste That Tingles” is about the Szechwan Button. Ramona goes into the history and science of this strange plant and does her best to describe its …. taste?

One of the cool things about working on Flavors photoshoots at Haigwood Studios is that I get to try some of the dishes and drinks featured in the magazine. I was fortunate to be there when Ramona came in to have the drinks photographed. I had read the article and was very curious to try the flower. She gave me one of the yellow flowers, with no petals. It looked a bit like the center of a camomile flower. I split the head in half down the middle, thinking I would start with half a dose. I offered the other half to Haigwood intern, Bruce. Bruce refused.

The taste changed many times over the next few minutes. At first, it was like chewing on a weed–no big deal. Then it started to numb my mouth, kind of like chewing on a clove would do. A metallic taste started to form in my mouth as if I had touched my toungue to a 9V battery. Finally, I was kind of ready for the experience to end, the aftertaste having the feeling of the tingling that happens when part of the body falls asleep from lack of circulation.

The Szechwan Button is definitely more of a sensation than a taste for me.  Though I would be interested to try it sprinkled in a salad. Apparently, the Button has just started to be rediscovered and is not widely available yet. Also, for the full-effect, the flowers should be as fresh as possible.

I would love to get comments from others who have tried the Szechwan Button. How have you used it in food or drink and what kind of responses did it get?


Flavors Receives 2010 MarCom Award

November 4, 2010

Flavors magazine has been named a recipient of a 2010 MarCom Gold Award by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The magazine earned the Gold Award for consumer magazine in the publication category. Flavors’ winning entry was the 2010 fall issue, which showcased Delicious Discoveries of Atlanta’s dining scene.

The MarCom Awards give recognition to the creative talent, firms, departments and/or clients that collaborate on outstanding marketing and communication projects. Entries are judged in terms of quality, creativity and resourcefulness. The 2010 MarCom Awards competition drew over 5,000 entries across the globe. Winners were selected from over 200 categories in seven forms of media and communication efforts. About 15% of the entries won the Platinum and another 15% won the Gold.

Favorite Foods from Childhood – Atlanta Chefs

October 6, 2010

I would like to highlight my absolute favorite section of the fall 2010 issue – “Chef Talk” by Emily Robinson. (Emily is Flavors‘ editorial intern who attends UGA.) Jamie Annarino inspired Emily to write this article. If you haven’t seen it yet, it incorporates childhood pictures of some of Atlanta’s best-loved chefs with quotes from the chefs about their favorites foods from their childhoods. It really is adorable–and interesting to consider how the chefs’ talents and interests may have been sparked from the best foods from their childhoods. Chefs who participated in this article are: Rebecca Lang, Gerry Klaskala from Aria, Jonathan Jerusalmy, from the St. Regis Altanta, Chris Sedgwick of The Sedgwick Group, Pano Karatossos of Kyma, Kevin Rathbun of Rathbun’s, Matt Albertario of Wildfire Atlanta, Brian Obermeyer of Pastis, Brad Parker of Dantanna’s, Robert Gerstenecker of Park 75, Boyd Rose of Milton’s, Cyrille Holota, Alex Freidman on P’Cheen, Stacy Eames of Highland Bakery and Nick Koulouris of Grecian Gyro. (fall 2010 pages 64-66)

Flavors fall 2010 pages 64-65 

Flavors fall 2010 page 66

Flavors fall 2010 page 66

Flavors fall 2010 pages 64-65

Delicious Discoveries (Flavors fall 2010 issue)

September 21, 2010

Flavors magazine fall 2010

Flavors magazine fall 2010

The fall 2010 issue is one of the best-looking issues of Flavors so far. The cover is a Micro Latin Tapas dish by A Legendary Event photographed by John Haigwood.

In this issue, a food feature by Shelley Sawyer explores delicious Atlanta culinary discoveries and features recipes chefs at Elevation Chophouse and Skybar, Lucia’s, Nathalie’s Fish House, Artisan Foods, HOBNOB, Sauced, Harvest on Main, Goin’ Coastal and Urban Pl8. Wine, Spirits and Beverage editor Ophelia Santos and Ramona Kimmel explore beer’s role in the cocktail an article entitled  So “Hoppy” Together. Lifestyle editor Carolyn O’Neil and Shelley Skiles Sawyer travel to Santa Fe to discover the Southwestern culinary scene. Kitchen and Home editor Allison Weiss Entrekin features a family-friendly kitchen and a mother-daughter recipe for Chocolate French Macaroons.

Our editorial intern, Emily Robinson talks to some local chefs in and writes about the foods that inspired them to become chefs in Chef Talk. Not to be missed: your favorite Atlanta chefs’ childhood pictures!

Flavors Receives an American Graphic Design Award

September 11, 2010

Flavors Receives an American Graphic Design Award

Flavors Receives an American Graphic Design Award

Flavors has been recognized with a 2010 AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN AWARD for Flavors’ spring 2010 issue — how exciting! This national design competition was held by Graphic Design USA and is one of their largest competitions. The spring 2010 issue debuted Flavors’ new logo. It also featured Atlanta’s most Scrumptious chefs! I would also like to acknowledge the stunning photography by Haigwood Studios, the gorgeous dishes prepared by area chefs and the talent and expertise of our editors!

The award-winning spring 2010 issue

The award-winning spring 2010 issue

Dining Out for Life Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 8, 2010

Dining Out for Life

Open Hand ‘s largest annual fundraiser, Dining Out for Life, takes place on Wednesday, April 21st.

It’s super-easy to help Open Hand raise money … all you have to do is eat out at one of these restaurants! Dine out with your clients, friends, family and co-workers for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and participating restaurants will donate 20% of your bill to Open Hand.

If you work in the restaurant industry and have not yet registered for Dining Out for Life ’10, go HERE.

One more thing we can do to help make Dining Out a success is to become a “restaurant host”: “Your primary responsibilty would be to invite all of your friends, family and co-workers to dine with you at your restaurant on April 21st. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But wait…there’s more. You’ll work with the DOFL Team (and other Volunteers) to help ensure that participating restaurants have our complete support before, during and immediately after the event .” Sign up to be a restaurant host.

Here’s to a happy and delicious Dining Out for Life ’10!

Spring 2010 Issue Unveiling at bistro VG

March 24, 2010

Flavors and Chateau Ste. Michelle held an exciting unveiling ceremony at bistro VG last night. Not only did we unveil the spring 2010 scrumptious chef issue covers – we unveiled the “new look” (a new logo and editorial design) of Flavors and  announced  the long-awaited Flavors: The Cookbook.

Gary Donlick’s (executive chef of Bistro Niko) Herb-Crusted Leg of Lamb is featured on the cover of the new issue. Other scrumptious chefs included in the spring 2010 issue are: Jonathan Jerusalmy (whose handsome face graces the second cover) of The St. Regis Atlanta, Robert Gerstenecker of Park 75, Alisa Barry of Bella Cucina, Keira Moritz of Pacci, Todd Mussman of Muss and Turner’s, Joshua Wakefield of Meehan’s Public HouseChef Asata of Life Chef, David Larkworthy of Five Seasons Brewery, Donna Stuart Brousseau and Rebecca Lang.

Flavors held the usual drawing for which sponsors and advertisers provided coveted gift cards and other items to be won by attendees of the unveiling. Representatives from numerous charitable organizations announced fundraising events that will be taking place this spring and early summer. And our hosts, bistro VG served delicious appetizers.

Check out pictures from the event on Flavors’ Facebook fan page.

And be sure to get your copy of the new issue by subscribing to Flavors or picking up a copy at many grocery stores and bookstores through out Atlanta or visiting these area retailers:

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